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Mighter MLNM Contention/Converter Unit

Mighter is once again proving that we keep every facet of a clientís organization in mind when designing a product by coming out with the Mighter Contention/Converter Video Splitter Unit.

Mighter's Contention/Converter unit offers three different functions in one as a Serial to PS2 Converter, a PC Sharing Unit, and a Video Splitter Unit!

As with most Mighter products the Mighter MLNM Serial Contention/Converter unit uses the PS2 Keyboard port of the connected PC to power the unit (power supply will be needed when used as a video splitter only). By designing a single unit that performs multiple functions we also lower overall cost by keeping your inventory to a minimum.

The Mighter Serial to PS2 converter functionality gives flexibility back to legacy equipment still using Serial peripherals by converting them to the more current PS2 compatible signal. The PC Share offers two traders the ability to have contended sharing on a single serial PC by splitting a single Keyboard, Video and Mouse signal into two. With the Serial Converting ability of the Mighter 4350 you can save on licensing fees by sharing a Reuterís workstation between two traders without the loss of any functionality. Two traders using their individual keyboard, mouse and monitor to control a common PC!

By using the Mighter MLNM Contention/Converter unit as a single Video splitter, whether local or remoted, you can split the video input into two separate signals that can support screen resolutions up to 1900 x 1440.
SKU/Item Number: MLNM MPKB 4350 - Serial
SKU/Item Number: MLNM MPKB 4300 - USB/PS2

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