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Mighter 4 Port USB 2.0 Keyboard, Mouse, & Peripheral Switch

The Mighter USB KM4 Switch (Mighter KM4U) is a professional grade control switch delivering USB Real Emulation for use with modern or custom USB peripherals and audio.

The Mighter KM4U is a breakthrough in USB switching, delivering USB2.0, bi-directional audio and Real Emulation technology. Mighter KM4U is video independent (so can be used alongside DVI, VGA, Display Port etc). The Mighter KM4U allows you to work across all 4 computers and screens as though they were a single interface. Mighter’s Real Emulation technology enables USB HID devices to be continuously emulated to each computer. This unique technology enables instantaneous and reliable hotkey switching whilst also supporting the extra keys and features of enhanced keyboards and mice. Furthermore, the Mighter KM4U includes two independently switchable USB 2.0 Hi Speed channels and an audio channel, giving the user the flexibility to attach selected peripherals to different computers.


Real Emulation USB 2.0 technology
The Mighter KM4U is the first USB switch to feature Mighter’s advanced Real USB Emulation technology. Emulated USB provides an instantaneous and reliable switching action and makes keyboard hotkey and mouse switching possible. However, previous implementations have used only generic emulations and consequently have only been able to support the most basic keyboard and mouse features. Mighter’s revolutionary Real Emulation technology overcomes this frustrating limitation by emulating the true character of the connected devices to all the computers simultaneously. This means that you can now use the extra function keys, wheels, buttons and controls that are commonly found on modern keyboards and mice. With the Mighter KM4U , a whole new group of users can take advantage of the flexibility KVM switches have to offer. The USB KM4 users often need to use specialized interface devices such as graphics tablets, 3D explorers, joysticks, and so on. The Mighter KM4U makes all this possible using Mighter’s Real Emulation technology.

Independent simultaneous device selection
Flexibility is key to the Mighter KM4U . The switch enables you to use the keyboard and mouse on one computer whilst your USB peripherals are connected to other computers and your speakers are playing audio from yet another. You can of course still switch all the connected devices to any one of the connected computers.

Channel selection options
The Mighter KM4U can be switched using selectable keyboard hotkeys, 3 button mice or the front panel controls. Optionally, you can also use the Four Button Toggle switch to make your selection. These switching options allow you to rapidly reassign connected devices to any of the connected computers.

Broad USB 2.0 Hi Speed device support
A vast range of USB devices can be connected to the Mighter KM4U. From non standard human interface devices to printers and scanners. This gives great flexibility. For example, you could be scanning a set of documents onto one computer whilst working on another and printing from yet another, all at the same time. The USB 2.0 switching action has been carefully engineered to ensure maximum computer reliability when connecting and disconnecting USB devices.

Mighter Unity Software switching
Using Mighter’s Unity software, you can switch channels automatically simply by moving your mouse cursor across the edge of the screen. This means you can seamlessly run your pointer across all 4 connected computers, switching either all ports or just keyboard & mouse as you go.

Options port for control and upgrade
An ‘Options’ port enables the Mighter KM4U to be remotely switched using simple ASCII codes. The port enables a Four Button Toggle switch to be used with the Mighter KM4U . The same port can also be used to upgrade the firmware to guarantee that your hardware investment continues to deliver real value well into the future.

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