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Mighter Multi-Protocol SPOT Dealing Keyboard - 4060

The MPKB 4060 keyboard is designed specifically for use on the SPOT, Fixed Income traders and FX trader’s desktop.

It provides a logical replacement for those aging Dealing 3000, AHK3000, EK and HK2000 dealing keyboards, with logically laid out single keyboard solution for all major information services avoiding the use of complex multiple function keys. All major market-data service keys are provided as standard together with dedicated selection keys for up to six services.

The keyboard has been designed to integrate fully with the Mighter range of switching and driving products, with Reuters Dealing 3000, EBS and 4 PC’s, but can also be used with other PS/2, Sun, and Reuters system units.

Desk clutter and the associated stress factor is reduced. Market Dealing / Data may be shared with contended control between dual users with the associated cost savings (License agreements permitting)

Key Benefits:
- Derives power directly from PC’s creating multiple power redundancy and eliminating a point of failure
- Keyboard is “Hot swappable” allowing IT Techs to replace the Keyboard “on the fly” without having to reboot any of the traders PC’s
- Switch box can be cascaded to allow control of up to 10 PC’s/Trading platforms
- Optional Contention Kit allows two traders to share a single PC or Reuters Dealing Workstation while keeping control on their individual Mighter keyboards.
- Optional Firmware allows control of multiple Reuter Workstations with a single Mighter Keyboard and Mouse
- Reduces total cost of ownership when taken into account Initial Cost, Moves Adds & Changes, and Support & Maintenance.
- Multi-Platform support for Reuters Dealing (with intergraded SPOT Trading Keypad), Sun, PC and USB equipped computers.
- Works parallel with Information Provider proprietary Keypads (i.e. Reuters and EBS)
- Flash upgradeable firmware provides an easy upgrade path for the future
- Supports a very wide range of software including Windows ® 3.X, WFWG, 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, NT, DOS, Unix, Linux®, Novell®, NetWare®, OS/2, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS (8.6 and higher).
- Dedicated proprietary Reuters and EBS function keys. Sun function keys available on Mighter MP Keyboard
- The Breakout Box (located under desk) is “plug and play” with no configuration necessary to the Mighter Keyboard or the PC it’s connecting to.
- Dealing “Hotkeys” allow quick workstation connection to help improve trader response time

- Control multiple computers from a single console, including Reuters Dealing
- Conveniently located Individual Port Selection keys with LED indicator lights provides easy port select
- Automatic "seamless" conversion between different hardware platforms.
- “Keep alive” feature on Switch Box allows configurations to be kept on one unit using integrated dipswitch configurations.
- Automatic detection of the connected hardware.
- Continuous keyboard and mouse emulation on all ports ensures problem free computer boot up.
- Mouse restoration functions to enable 'hot plugging' of certain systems.
- Automatically restores keyboard and mouse states when channel changed.
- User options stored in EEPROM memory.
- Supports mouse prompt and stream modes for maximum compatibility.
- Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse and other common wheel mice.
- Power and activity indication confirm correct operation
- Mighter Keyboard, Mouse and Switch Reset may be performed without disconnecting devices.
- Supports IBM ThinkPad 'Y' cables.
- All ports are active simultaneously - all computers may all be booted at the same time.
- Keyboard data flowing through the switch is kept in its "native" format which enables the proprietary keys on 3rd party keyboard's to be supported.
- Support all models of desktop and laptop PCs.
- “Accept”, “Contact”, “I Buy”, “I Sell”, "Yours", "Mine", “Bid” and “Offer” keys are hotkey’s enabling “single press” quick Reuters Workstation selection
- Sturdy Metal base and hard molded plastic cover provides the necessary durability to last in today’s trading environment
- Unit can be password protected
- Can be used in conjunction with Biometric peripherals
- Compatible with third party KMV Extenders
- Complies with European EMC directive 89/336/EEC. CE marked and FCC class A compliant.

SKU/Item Number:
MLNM MPKB 4060 (US Layout)
MLNM MPKB 4061 (UK Layout)

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